Children's moral values between instinct and acquisition

القيم الأخلاقية عند الأطفال بين الفطرة والاكتساب



Children., Development, Education, Morals, Values, Personality, Society


A society does not straighten and flourish except by the good values that are instilled in the hearts of its children during their various stages of development. Likewise, there is no single source from which a child can derive moral values. There is the environment surrounding the child and the peoples, at home, at school, people in his practical life, and the means of communication, and religious and educational teachings, which in general have a great role in instilling moral values, and influencing his behavior, which will inevitably be reflected later on society in general.

A child is born with clear and forthright morals, and common sense, but they often change according to what he lives, suffers, and is taught in the family, school, and society, and each age stage he goes through has a great impact on shaping his personality and highlighting his values, and that is related to the people he deals with, as he will be biased towards those who look like him. And according to what was affected by it, even if he did something contrary to the original and instinct upon which he was created.

Author Biographies

Dr. Abdul Majid, International Islamic University, Islamabad

Assistant Prof. Faculty of Arabic (Part time)

International Islamic University, Islamabad

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Badshah, NUML - Islamabad

Assistant Prof. Arabic Department

NUML - Islamabad




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